Bell electrification

Bell automation

Comprising four generations of skilled bell-makers, the Trebino company perfectly blends tradition with innovation over time, also in the field of bell automation. The company’s experience gained through the thousands of electrified bells in Italy and abroad represents the best guarantee of innovation and reliability of its systems. Trebino is specialised in the design and creation of bell automation systems for all sounds used in Italy and around the world. Innovative solutions are developed based on the needs of parishes, sacristans and priests, through the creation of revolutionary computer software to command and programme the bells.

Bell electrification

The Trebino company specialises in the design and construction of bell electrification systems for all sounds used both in Italy and around the world: Ambrosian, Venetian, Ligurian, Piemontese, Roman, flying clapper, with half-muffled clapper and concert, along with any weekday, weekend, public holiday or funereal sound. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and automatic programming selection are available as well as electronic carillons for the sound of any religious, festive or civil melody.


Trebino’s engineering department has designed and developed a new computer for controlling and programming the bells, chimes and tower clocks – the Jubileum III Millenium computer that represents an absolute innovation and a true revolution for Italy and the world in the field of electronic bells. This computer is an intelligent sacristan and bell-ringer managing the bells with precision and punctuality, never making mistakes or forgetting anything and, above all, eliminates operating costs. It can be programmed in any language and set for the entire liturgical calendar. The computer adapts to all electrification systems and any type of sound – sweeping, Ambrosian, Veronese, Roman, flying capper, with half-muffled clapper, tolls and carillons. Being very simple to use and easy to set, it can operate any program, automatically adjusts to Daylight Savings Time changes, and is equipped with over forty carillons and the option of playing any municipal sound.

Jubileum Tertium Millennium 

A computer that controls up to 40 bells


A computer that controls up to 8 bells


Easy to use


Easy to programme in any language


Set for the entire liturgical calendar


Adapts to any type of sound


Automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving Time changes


Zero maintenance costs

Electronic bells for Churches

In addition to the traditional bronze bells cast in its Uscio foundries, Trebino has conceived, designed and created electronic bells for churches, along with sound reproducers and simulators for bells and bell towers. Electronic bells for churches are digital sound reproducers, with different sound systems able to faithfully replicate bell concerts and melodies, positioned in the bell chamber to propagate sound waves in all directions for effective diffusion.

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