Tower Clock Museum

Named in honour of Roberto Trebino, the Tower Clock Museum was inaugurated in 2004 and can be visited by appointment during office hours. It is a “company museum”, greatly desired by the Trebino family, the Municipality of Uscio and the Province of Genoa, combining the company’s activities with a thirst for culture.

Located in the old Trebino factory, it is the only one of its kind. The museum houses priceless historic timepieces and extremely ancient clocks, created in a range of shapes and sizes, as per the fashion at the time of their realisation. The museum contains about thirty greatly precious pieces of great historic and cultural value, which recount the history of the tower clock, from hand-made pieces by French, German and Austrian craftsmen dating from the 1600s through to the most advanced synchronised-radio technology clocks of our time.

This collection is invaluable in the history of the tower clock and the history of us all.

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Headquarters and production facility

Via Cannoni, 7 – 16036 Uscio (GE) Italia (IT)

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Tower clock museum

Via Cannoni, 5-6 – 16036 Uscio (GE) Italia (IT)

Tel. +39 0185 919410

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