Outdoor dials

Trebino – a global brand recognised all over the world – designs and constructs outdoor clock faces in its workshops in Uscio within the province of Genoa, with each one created to blend in perfectly with the style of the tower or building onto which the timepiece is to be installed. The dials for external clocks can bear Roman or Arabic indices or modern numerals. They are made in steel, bronze or plexiglass, with a diameter ranging from 80 to 450 cm. They are weather-resistant, can withstand any temperature, and require no maintenance.


Outdoor clock dials in any style


Outdoor clock dials of any diameter


Outdoor clock dials in any material


Outdoor clock dials with Arabic indices, Roman numerals or hour markings

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Headquarters and production facility

Via Cannoni, 7 – 16036 Uscio (GE) Italia (IT)

Tel. +39 0185 919410
Fax +39 0185 919427

Tower clock museum

Via Cannoni, 5-6 – 16036 Uscio (GE) Italia (IT)

Tel. +39 0185 919410

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