Bell frames

In its workshops in Uscio, Trebino completes all the metal carpentry necessary for the construction of framework for bells, including the technical design for sizing the frame structure so that it remains solid and durable over time.

Made of steel, the structure is designed and made shock absorbing, according to the space within the bell chamber. In addition to the customised production of steel frames, Trebino Company’s skilled workers carry out maintenance and modifications to the structures already existing in the Bell Towers.

New self-supporting, shock absorbent,
antiseismic bell frame

An highly engineered product

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Headquarters and production facility

Via Cannoni, 7 – 16036 Uscio (GE) Italia (IT)

Tel. +39 0185 919410
Fax +39 0185 919427

Tower clock museum

Via Cannoni, 5-6 – 16036 Uscio (GE) Italia (IT)

Tel. +39 0185 919410

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