Floral Clocks

Trebino produces and installs floral clocks for gardens and municipal parks.

Our floral clocks are extremely intricate and produced with the latest technology. Floral clocks can be commissioned with a diameter ranging from between 300 to 600 cm. The mechanism is watertight and operation is entirely automatic.

Consultations, sales and assistance throughout Italy and around the world. Free on-site inspections and quotes.
Suppliers to the Vatican State


Headquarters and production facility

Via Cannoni, 7 – 16036 Uscio (GE) Italia (IT)

Tel. +39 0185 919410
Fax +39 0185 919427

Tower clock museum

Via Cannoni, 5-6 – 16036 Uscio (GE) Italia (IT)

Tel. +39 0185 919410

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