Tower clocks

Bell tower clocks

In operation in Uscio within the province of Genoa since 1824, Trebino has manufactured and installed bell tower clocks with dials of all sizes, types and styles throughout Italy and the world, along with also producing their external hands.

During the design phase, the expert clockmakers ensure that the aesthetic aspects of the external dials suits and harmonises with the building.

Bell tower clock

The creation of a bell tower clock is a craft that is ever suspended between tradition and innovation. As leader in the construction and installation of tower clocks, Trebino has always been at the forefront, having constantly developed technology with significant investments that have ensured the company always offers the best and most innovative solutions to the global market.

Tower clocks

The clockmakers of the Trebino Company in Uscio have been producing tower clocks in a range of types and styles since 1824.

Clock mechanisms

  • Electronic tower clocks

Striking mechanisms

  • Hour striking
  • Half-hour striking
  • Quarter-hour striking
  • Westminster Quarters
  • 12-hour striking clocks

External dials

  • External dials in any style
  • External dials of any diametero
  • External dials in any material
  • External dials with Arabic indices, Roman numerals or hour markers


  • Hands of every style
  • Hands of all sizes

Tower clock

The installation of a new tower clock is a combination of the guiding mother clock, the external dials, the small parts in bronze with hands, the receiver clocks and the striking mechanisms marking the hour, half-hour and quarter-hour on bronze bells. The sound can be chosen in accordance with local customs, with the possibility automatic exclusion during the night.


“Tower Sat 3000”, a mother clock with advanced technology to eliminate maintenance costs

Tower Sat 3000 is the latest innovation from Trebino.

This new mother clock comes as the result of in-depth research and represents an advanced technological product constructed to give maximum precision and completely eliminate all operating costs. Controlled remotely, it is automatic, reliable and robust, offering absolute precision whilst being equipped with Daylight Savings Time changes and synchronised radio. It is ideal for controlling large tower clocks as well as railway, railway station, skyscraper, municipal and government building timepieces. Complete with hourly, half-hour and quarter-hour markers, Big Ben chimes, special auxiliary striking mechanisms, city council and school timepieces, nocturnal silencing with the possibility of programming the striking mechanism. Dials of any diameter, electronic alarms, carillons and bells can all be operated externally and internally.

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Headquarters and production facility

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Tower clock museum

Via Cannoni, 5-6 – 16036 Uscio (GE) Italia (IT)

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