Continua "Vatican State" - 14/09/2014
The Pope Francesco blesses the bell dedicated to the beatification of the "Cura Brochero" Priest Argentinian Continua
Continua Turin “Church of the Holy Face”
It 'a concert - perfectly tuned chimes, ringing sound with Argentina .. Continua
Continua The bells of the Don Orion
On the occasion of the canonization of Don ORIONE the Sanctuary of Madonna della Guardia in Tortona ... Continua
Continua The Bells of Hong Kong
A new concert of five bells was cast by Trebino for a new church in Hong Kong in China. It is ... Continua
Continua The bell of life
On December 6, 2000 during the Great Jubilee, Pope John Paul II blessed ... Continua
Continua The museum “Roberto Trebino”
It 'was inaugurated on May 15, 2004 Museum Tower clocks .. Continua
Continua Concert traveling
We have a gig crews of 12 bronze bells in shades .. Continua

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